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Build your own website. Get your own feed to connect with your followers and follow other users from the community. Learn, share, travel and have a great time in a healthy community of nomads.

Your own website

You can add links to your social networks, photos of your travels, links to product you recommend, and much more...

Your own community

Only your paid subscribers can connect with you, get value from real users and connect with a healthy, high-quality community of like-minded people.

Grow your audience

You can promote your latest post to a broad audience of users by publishing your posts to the public feed. (coming soon)

Connect with other nomads

Find your next adventure, get tips on locations to travel to, find cool places to park/camp and learn how to do new things from other vanlifers.

Frequently asked questions

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What are Wandity Credits?
A way for users to subscribe to other users. You can also use them to get access to more advanced features. They let the community have high-quality members and avoid bots and spam as much as possible.
Can I use Wandity for free?
Yes, you get access to multiple features for free. You can even earn Wandity Credits, for example, by getting users to create an account with your referral code.
Can I make money from Wandity?
Yes, you can exchange Wandity Credits you make from your followers. It's a great way for the community to support our content creators. (coming soon)
When will I be able to create my own website and feed?
We are working on the finishing touches. We'll let you know when Wandity goes live so that you can create your own website and feed. Save your username before someone else takes it, and you will get a great discount once Wandity goes live.

Save your unique username before someone else takes it

Get an amazing discount once Wandity goes Live just by creating an account right now!